A manufacturing plant

A manufacturing plantOur plant has been established for over 10 years in Antananarivo. We manufacture and market a full range of plastic pipes and attachments such as PEHD, PVC and PPR pipes. In addition, we market pipes and attachments in galvanized iron and cast-iron for drinking water supply, sanitation, irrigation systems, waste water disposal etc.
Today we have an efficient industrial tool and business-specific skills in chemistry, geology and physics. learn more about us

Technical know-how

Technical know-how in drinking water supply and sanitation in Madagascar PLASCOM is the leader in drinking water supply in Madagascar.

Our passion and determination has led us to developing the technical know-how and skills adapted to the demands of this business. PLASCOM

Products meeting ISO 9001 / 2008 standards

Products meeting ISO 9001 / 2008 standards We are certified to ISO 9001/2008 standard. This quality label is proof of our commitment to our customers and partners A few words on ISO: ISO 9001 is an international standard which imposes certain working methods to optimize a business organisation.

It aims to meet customers’ expectations and needs better, while improving the quality of the services and products supplied.

A Sales Service listening to you day-in, day-out

A Sales Service listening to you day-in, day-out PLASCOM offers you a dynamic and mobile sales team, ready to go out into the field to help you and assess your needs.

Our engineers and technicians can advise you on the latest innovations in water supply and suggest appropriate technical solutions for your needs.

Pipe Plascom

La société PLASCOM est le leader à Madagascar pour la fabrication de tuyaux en plastiques PVC et PEHD. Nous fabriquons toute la gamme des tuyaux telle que : - Tuyaux PVC EVACUATION des eaux usées et eaux pluviales du diamètre 40mm au diamètre 200m - Tuyaux PVC PRESSION du diamètre 20mm Learn more

Accessories, PEHD fittings...

Tous les raccords permettent de répondre à la généralité des cas de mise en oeuvre sur chantier. - ACCESSOIRES PPR,   - ACCESSOIRES PEHD,   - ACCESSOIRES FONTES,   - ACCESSOIRES PVC, Learn more

Water meters

Découvrez la gamme Plascom en Compteurs d'eau et trouvez tous les produits Compteurs d'eau pour réaliser vos travaux. - Compteur d'eau de type woltmann hélice axiale. - Compteur d'eau à turbine Multi Jet ou single Jet     Learn more

Plumbing fixtures

A large choice of plumbing fixtures for drinking water supply networks.   Learn more

Electropumps & pump

Faites appel à un professionnel pour choisir votre pompe Vente et réparation pompes pour les industriels, les artisans et les particuliers.   Usinage de précision ...     Learn more

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